Jean Simonnet

Juxtacellularly labelled neuron in the subiculum
Jean Simonnet


jean (dot) simonnet (at) bccn-berlin (dot) de



I am interested in the link between the activity of neuronal circuits behaviors and animal's behaviors.

I specifically worked on how hippocampal microcircuit were involved in spatial navigation. For that, I used juxtacellular recordings in freely moving rats to obtain high resolution recordings of the spiking activity of morphologically identified of neurons. My focuses were on how the firing patterns of identified neurons relates to navigation, and more specifically, how burstiness relates to positional coding in the Subiculum.

I am also interested in social neuroscience, and more specifically in the neural correlates of play behavior in the midbrain. Practically I am using wireless tetrode recordings during a tickling/play paradigm and try to find areas that specifically code for play.


Relevant Publication

Opens external link in new windowSimonnet J, Brecht M (2019) Burst firing and spatial coding in subicular principal cells. Journal of Neuroscience 1656-18.

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