Katriona Guthrie-Honea


katriona.guthrie-honea [at] bccn-berlin [dot] de


My work at the Brecht lab explores the relationship between kin selection and cannibalism across several species of fish and amphibians. Many species of fish and amphibians regularly engage in cannibalism. However, rates of endocannibalism among these species vary widely with environmental and temporal factors. Our collaborators in the Pfennig lab at the University of North Carolina have shown that an increased propensity for cannibalism among spadefoot toad tadpoles represses the rate of endocannibalism. My project aims to identify the neural basis of this relationship between kin selection and cannibalism.

I'm a visiting researcher from the University of Chicago where I am finalizing my undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Gender and Sexuality Studies (March 2020). I aim to use my background in molecular biology and protein engineering at the Boyden Lab at MIT (Adamala et al. 2016) to complement work done in the Brecht lab on the cellular mechanistic basis of behavior.

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